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Cast AI, A Cloud Cost Optimization Startup Raises $35 Million

by Lucas Finis
Cast AI

As digital transformation accelerates, cloud adoption has become pivotal for enterprises seeking agility and scale. However, the complexity of sprawling multi-cloud deployments has led to a major new pain point: optimizing cloud spend. Startup Cast AI has developed an innovative solution to help companies master the new challenge of FinOps. The company recently announced a $35 million Series B funding round led by Vintage Investment Partners to enhance its platform and ride surging demand.

The Overwhelming Challenge of Cloud Cost Management 

According to a recent Forrester report, a staggering 94% of enterprises struggle with avoidable cloud costs from underutilized resources, inadequate in-house expertise, and suboptimal architecture decisions. As more mission-critical workloads move to the cloud, overspending eats into potential agility improvements and ROI.

This has created a mushrooming need for solutions delivering visibility, automation, and intelligence for optimizing complex cloud usage and spending. Despite the demand, most businesses remain underserved, struggling to balance performance and expenses across virtual machines, servers, regions, and consumption models.

Cast AI’s Machine Learning Solution 

Cast AI tackles cloud overspending head-on via a machine learning-powered SaaS platform. The company’s solution connects natively to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and other leading public cloud providers.  


Cast AI’s models capture and analyze real-time metrics on consumption, performance, and pricing across users’ cloud resources. The system then provides actionable recommendations on optimizing infrastructure sizing, workload scheduling, purchasing plans, and more for cost efficiency.

Cast AI also delivers insights on utilization and spending through user-friendly dashboards. Further customization and automation ensure cloud resources dynamically adjust to the ideal state based on workload needs and budget constraints.

According to co-founder and CEO Yuri Frayman, Cast AI gives enterprises the unbiased truth about their cloud spending and how to fix it. “We don’t care if Google, Amazon, or Microsoft make more money – we ultimately are responsible for customer savings, and that’s what we deliver,” Frayman said.

Capitalizing on the FinOps Boom

Cast AI competes in the rapidly expanding FinOps market, projected to reach $2.75 billion by 2023. The red-hot category covers solutions that help enterprises manage cloud costs, usage, budgets, and financing. 

Demand is being driven by cloud shifts making cost visibility and optimization indispensable. A 2023 Wakefield Research study found nearly 3 in 10 developers and engineers prioritize FinOps investment this year. And 74% now consider FinOps as essential as DevOps and SecOps.

Cast AI’s $35 million Series B round will fuel scaling up to meet surging interest. As enterprises seek to tame cloud expenses amidst uncertainty, Cast AI’s automation and intelligence offer a path to material ROI through unlocked savings.

While competition is growing, Cast AI’s sophisticated machine learning and actionable recommendations stand apart in adding value. Its CEO sees demand vastly outstripping supply in cloud cost management. Cast AI intends to leverage its technology strengths to lead the category’s next wave.

The Future of Cloud Cost Optimization

As cloud adoption continues accelerating across industries, no enterprise can afford to leave savings on the table from suboptimal architectures and configurations. However, few have the internal expertise and resources to continuously optimize their cloud deployments.

This sets the stage for cloud FinOps solutions like Cast AI to deliver increasing value over time. With its robust funding and technical capabilities, the company is poised to consolidate leadership in applying AI to one of technology’s biggest new pain points.

While market turbulence has tightened budgets, Cast AI’s specialization aligns it with customer cost reduction priorities. With prudent execution, Cast AI appears well-positioned to ride the crest of a long-term trend that will only pick up momentum. As digital transformation goes mainstream, managing cloud spend via intelligent automation may soon become table stakes.

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