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Worldcoin’s Future Uncertain: Token Value Drops Nearly 10% After Sam Altman Removed as OpenAI CEO

by Lucas Finis

In a surprising leadership change, Sam Altman has stepped down as CEO of OpenAI and departed from its board of directors. The nonprofit AI safety company provided few details about the transition, simply stating it no longer has confidence in Altman’s ability to spearhead the organization. His departure raises questions about other initiatives he’s involved with as well, such as the cryptocurrency project Worldcoin.

Worldcoin saw its token WLD drop roughly 10% in value following news of Altman’s OpenAI exit. The digital currency fell to around $1.91, with daily trading volume exceeding $27 million. This steep decline likely reflects uncertainty from investors regarding Altman’s ongoing role at Worldcoin given his high-level involvement since its 2020 founding.

As one of Worldcoin’s co-founders, Altman has played an integral part in driving its growth strategy and technical development. However, Worldcoin has not publicly commented on how Altman’s changed status at OpenAI might impact his work with the organization. The lack of clarity added to market unease and selling pressure on WLD.

Worldcoin has faced ethical qualms since its start about collecting biometric data like iris scans from citizens in developing nations. Critics argue this approach risks exploiting vulnerable communities without sufficient consideration of long-term effects. Regulatory pushback in countries like Kenya has also hampered Worldcoin’s operations and public image.


Going forward, Worldcoin faces challenges in reassuring stakeholders about its vision and leadership amid this leadership transition. Four million downloads and 2.4 million verified users show promise, but reliance on key figures like Altman leaves the project vulnerable. How Altman’s involvement evolves and whether Worldcoin can address governance and ethical issues will be important factors in determining whether it can regain lost confidence and market value.

For OpenAI, the reasons behind parting ways with Altman after six years remain obscure. However, for two organizations so intertwined through their founding leader, separate futures now seem inevitable following this unexpected change in course at the top. Both must chart new paths without the managerial anchor of Sam Altman.

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