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Avra: The $350 Million Growth-Stage Fund for Startups

by Lucas Finis

In a surprise move, Y Combinator, the renowned startup accelerator, scrapped its growth-stage fund earlier this year, leaving a void in the market. However, Anu Hariharan, who previously led YC Continuity, has teamed up with two former YC executives and a former Brex executive to launch Avra, a new fund targeting $350 million and operating a program that some have dubbed “YC for growth.” In this article, we’ll delve into Avra’s mission, its program, and what sets it apart from other growth-stage funds.

Avra’s Mission

Avra’s primary goal is to support post-Series A startups that have demonstrated strong product-market fit and are generating significant revenue. The fund aims to connect these founders with experienced entrepreneurs who can guide them through the challenges of scaling their businesses. Avra’s program is designed to provide valuable insights and resources to help these startups avoid common pitfalls and accelerate their growth.

Avra’s Program

Avra’s program is an eight-week initiative that selects a dozen post-Series A startups each quarter. The invite-only program focuses on connecting startup founders with seasoned business leaders who can offer valuable advice and mentorship. The program’s curriculum covers various topics, including leadership development, navigating the challenges of scaling, and avoiding common mistakes.

Avra’s program has already concluded its first cohort, which included startups such as Runway, Supabase, Roboflow, and Hex Technologies. The program has received positive feedback from participants, who appreciate the caliber of guests and mentors, as well as the useful insights and resources provided.


What Sets Avra Apart?

Avra differentiates itself from other growth-stage funds in several ways. Firstly, it focuses on connecting founders with experienced entrepreneurs and CEOs who have faced similar challenges. This approach provides valuable insights and guidance that founders can apply to their businesses.

Secondly, Avra’s program is designed to be flexible and tailored to the needs of each startup. The fund recognizes that every startup is unique and has different challenges, and therefore, it provides personalized support to help founders overcome their specific obstacles.

Thirdly, Avra’s program is not limited to just investing in startups. It also offers a range of resources, including mentorship, guidance, and access to a network of experts. This holistic approach to supporting startups sets Avra apart from other funds that solely focus on investing capital.


Avra’s launch comes at an exciting time, as the growth-stage fund landscape continues to evolve. With its focus on connecting founders with experienced entrepreneurs and providing tailored support, Avra is well-positioned to fill the gap left by YC Continuity’s absence. As the fund continues to grow and expand, it’s likely to become a go-to resource for post-Series A startups looking to scale their businesses. With Avra, Hariharan and her team are poised to make a significant impact on the startup ecosystem, and their dedication to supporting founders is a testament to their commitment to helping the next generation of entrepreneurs succeed.

As we look to the future, it’s clear that Avra is on a mission to empower startups to achieve their full potential. With its innovative approach and focus on providing valuable resources, Avra is set to become a key player in the growth-stage fund landscape. As the fund continues to grow and expand, it will be exciting to see how it shapes the future of the startup ecosystem.

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