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Amazon Unveils Game-Changing ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ for Small Businesses 

by Jack B.
Amazon and Affirm

Amazon’s new installment payment option for small businesses is a welcome addition that has the potential to be a game-changer. So many smaller companies struggle with cash flow management and making larger purchases, so this gives them a very handy solution.

It can be tricky for small business owners to juggle expenses and keep enough money on hand to cover all their costs. Most rely on credit cards which come with high interest fees that eat away at profits. Loans from banks usually require strong credit scores that newer businesses may not have yet. This new payment option through Amazon and Affirm helps solve those issues.

When checking out eligible items on Amazon Business, owners will be able to select “pay over time” to break up the cost into monthly installments. Through Affirm’s system, each application is reviewed individually to determine a fair interest rate between 10-36% based on risk factors. As long as payments are made on schedule, there are no additional sneaky fees to worry about either.

It’s so nice that it can all be done directly during checkout. No more going through a lengthy loan application process only to potentially be denied. Approval is fast and easy. Then Affirm handles sending statements and collecting payments each month so owners don’t have to deal with that part either.


This will be a huge help around the busy holidays too when Amazon sales spike. Small businesses can stock up on necessary inventory and supplies without having to come up with thousands all at once. The funds are stretched out over weeks or months.

It’ll be interesting to see how popular this becomes. I think a lot of business owners will appreciate not having to put big purchases on credit cards anymore. Amazon and Affirm are tapping into a need and providing a convenient solution. Down the line, it could even change how small businesses approach financing as more flexible options become available.

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