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Oxolo’s AI-Powered Video Platform Secures €13M As Market Expands

by Jack B.

German startup Oxolo recently closed a €13 million Series A round, led by DN Capital, to boost its AI-powered video creation and optimization platform. The funding comes as the market for video advertising tools surges amid demand for more engaging and personalized content.

Oxolo was founded by former venture partner Elisabeth L’Orange and ex-Bigpoint CEO Heiko Hubertz to reinvent video production through AI. Their platform uses generative technology to automatically create customized video ads and training content tailored to boost viewer engagement.

The intuitive system allows companies to simply input a product link and generate a video with integrated images, text-to-speech, human avatars, and more. Oxolo’s AI optimizes videos in real time based on viewer behavior to maximize impact.

This ability to continuously test and refine content based on data and analytics differentiates Oxolo from traditional video creation tools. The platform eliminates the need for manual optimization while ensuring videos resonate with target audiences.


According to Market Growth Reports, the current video advertising tool market sits at around $1 billion but is projected to reach $4.3 billion by 2030. This rapid expansion creates a massive opportunity as demand surges for more effective and scalable video solutions.

Oxolo’s early traction positions it well to capitalize on the burgeoning market. Its novel approach solves pressing pain points around personalization, automation, and performance improvement that legacy tools lack.

The new capital will enable Oxolo to augment its technology and expand integrations into popular editing software. This will make adopting AI-enhanced video production more seamless for a wider range of customers and use cases.

The company also aims to explore new verticals such as entertainment and education. Technologies like interactive videos and virtual reality present fresh opportunities for immersive content powered by Oxolo’s platform.

As consumer attention spans shrink across digital media, the power of video to engage and inspire continues growing. Oxolo’s ability to optimize content on the fly caters perfectly to modern viewers favoring visually dynamic experiences.

For advertisers and marketers, AI-generated video provides a scalable solution to cut through the noise and resonate across channels. Oxolo essentially serves as an always-on creative team continually refining content.

The result is a potential game changer for video production and advertising. But as with any generative AI, Oxolo must ensure responsible design and monitoring to prevent misuse or biased outputs. Maintaining ethical standards will be critical as adoption expands.

Still, Oxolo’s impressive early funding validates that its AI-first rethinking of video creation taps into the necessities of the modern digital landscape. As viewing behaviors and technologies evolve, platforms leveraging data and automation will likely dominate.

Oxolo seizes this opportunity with a forward-thinking model optimized for the realities of fragmented attention and shorter content. Its effective combination of tech and human creativity is the perfect formula to sustain engaging experiences and measurable impact into the future.

In an increasingly video-centric world, solutions that understand audiences and respond in real time will win out. With its Series A, Oxolo is ready to drive the next generation of dynamic video powered by artificial intelligence.

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