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Jitjatjo: The Gig Marketplace That’s Revolutionizing the Way We Work

by Lucas Finis

With the gig economy growing bigger and bigger every day, Jitjatjo has created a platform that further fuels this growth. It was founded in 2015 by Tim Chatfield and has since become well-known in the sector. Jitjatjo has now raised $30M in funding to continue this growth.

Tim Chatfield established Jitjatjo with the vision of linking gig workers to hiring companies in a more effective and advanced manner. With this vision in mind, chatfeild has developed a unique approach in the staffing market. The idea was to provide companies with an easier and more effective way to find and hire temporary workers. This would be very helpful as existing staffing firms were frequently delayed and not that effective

The approach was straightforward, Businesses can publish temporary job openings on the platform, and employees can apply for these positions when they want to. Jitjatjo uses a matching algorithm to make sure businesses get matched to the best worker possible. The algorithm took availability, geography, and skill set into mind when matching the workers. Jitjatjo manages all the hiring-related details, such as payroll and benefits.

A big advantage that Jitjatjo has is versatility. The workers can pick the working hours that suit them and their needs. This means that workers are free to work whenever they have the time, this also allows companies to fill in positions for last-minute notices.


Jitjatjo is similar to sites such as Shiftsmart and Qwick in that it functions much like a standard gig marketplace. The matching algorithm on the platform is used by businesses in the healthcare, hospitality, education, retail, and facilities management sectors to find temporary employees.

Through the Jitjatjo smartphone app, gig workers fill out the required paperwork and specify their hourly and daily availability. Jitjatjo uses an in-app rating system to encourage workers to finish more jobs by allowing them to have their reviews positively influence the gig-matching algorithm. Payments are then made through a debit card or direct deposit.

Better is a benefits package that Jitjatjo offers. It includes life insurance, insurance against accidental death and dismemberment, counseling services, medication discounts, and retail savings offers. Employees can get additional insurance coverage, pet wellness, and roadside assistance through the insurance company Avibra for an extra $1 each week.

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